We need to have some certainty that a car or van is abandoned before we can do anything about it.

How to check if it’s abandoned

Before you report it to us, you must check the vehicle registration number on the .GOV.UK's vehicle enquiry website to see if it has an MOT and whether it’s taxed. Please don’t report it to us until you’ve checked.

A vehicle may be abandoned if:

•    it has no tax and / or MOT
•    it’s been in the same place for a long time
•    it’s badly damaged - for example flat tyres, missing wheels or broken windows 
•    it’s number plates are missing
•    it’s full of rubbish

Report an abandoned car or van

You’ll need to tell us:

  • Where the vehicle is
  • The make, model and colour
  • The registration number, if you know it
  • The state of the vehicle, including any damage 
  • How long it has been there

Nuisance vehicles 

Please don’t report vehicles which are causing a nuisance as ‘abandoned’, such as: 

•    vehicles which are illegally parked, such as on yellow lines
•    vehicles which are badly parked, such as near a school

Report things like this to us using our parking problems form where you can also ask us to put down new yellow lines, to ask us to send a traffic warden to the area, or ask us to make improvements to school parking.

We can only arrange for a vehicle to be removed if there is no owner or if the owner doesn’t respond when we ask them to move the vehicle.