How often we sweep the roads

On average we sweep:

  • Main roads - every 10 weeks
  • Other through-roads - every 12 weeks
  • Minor residential roads - two or three times per year
  • Other adopted roads - when needed to keep the road safe 

How often we sweep the roads depend on their classification. Sometimes parked cars mean we can’t sweep or clean the road, especially if it’s likely the cars will be damaged.

During autumn, we don’t sweep as often as we have to focus on clearing fallen leaves.

Report a dirty road

You can let us know if you see a road which needs sweeping or cleaning. However our limited budget and resources mean we can’t usually come and do it any sooner than we originally planned to, unless there’s an immediate health or safety risk.

You’ll need to tell us: 

  • where the problem is
  • what the problem is
  • how bad it is, and how it's affecting drivers and pedestrians

Litter and dumped rubbish

Please don’t use this form to report dropped litter such as cigarette butts, crisp packets, tin cans, chocolate wrappers, newspapers and fast food cartons – or to report dumped rubbish or flytipping like bin bags, sofas or furniture.

    How you can help keep your streets clean

    • Put your litter and chewing gum in the bin – don’t litter, it’s a criminal offence
    • Take your household rubbish and recycling to a community recycling centre
    • Get a trade waste contract for your business 
    • Clean up after your dog 
    • Don’t put up posters – this is called flyposting, it's untidy and illegal 
    • Don’t park where you want us to clean!