Please leave your bin outside of your home in a position that can be easily seen from the road.

If you live in a terraced property, please leave the wheelie bin at the end of the alley or the existing collection point nearest your property.

Please do not leave your bin in a position that will block the way for others.


Please ensure your bin is out and ready on your collection days, but not before 5:00 pm the day before. Please return your bin as soon as possible after collection, but no later than midnight the same day.


Please ensure you put the right materials in the right bin. Glass, plastic bottles, cans, paper and cardboard, must be placed loosely in the correct bin. If you put the wrong materials in, we'll put an advice sticker on your bin informing you of the contamination. The 'contaminated' items must be removed before your bin is emptied.


ALL rubbish must be inside the correct bin with the lid closed. Don't overfill the bin. Make sure the lid fits properly. We won't take it if it's overloaded.

Label your bin

Please label your bins with your house number; this reduces the risk of your bin going missing, and improves the likelihood of finding it if it does.

Remember: You're responsible for returning and storing your bins.

Bin policy