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Here's a list of the work in progress during the next few weeks from 20 March 2020:

Chester Road

  • Carriageway widening works
  • Drainage installation
  • Installation of traffic signal cable ducts
  • Footway construction

Wilson Patten Street

  • Realignment of kerbs
  • Carriageway widening works
  • Drainage installation
  • Installation of traffic signal cable ducts
  • Footway/cycleway construction
  • Electricity cable investigatory works

Slutchers Lane

  • Service diversions

Traffic management

Chester Road

  • Narrow Lanes in operation between Chester Road Services (Texaco garage) and Gainsborough Road
  • Right turn lane removal and right turn vehicle movement restrictions into and out of Gainsborough Road (Monday 9 March to July 2020)
  • Stop and go boards will be used for deliveries into the site and footway works where required

Wilson Patten Street

  • Narrow Lanes in operation from Bank Quay Station to Arpley Street. Right turn filter Lane removed into Slutchers Lane 

Bus Services

As part of the construction of Centre Park Link, a right turn ban for all traffic turning from Gainsborough Road onto Chester Road will be in operation from early March for a period of approximately 5 months until July 2020. The current proposed date of operation is 9 March but this may be subject to change.

Consequently, Warrington’s Own Buses confirmed that their no 11 Service won't be able to serve Gainsborough Road and Chester Road due to the lack of a suitable alternative route. Instead, it will turn right at the end of Loushers Lane and access the town centre via Wilderspool Causeway. Therefore, the westbound stops on the southern side of Gainsborough Road won't be served by bus services for the duration of the right turn ban. 

Centre Park Link - Bus Diversion

It was intended that this service be diverted along Irwell Road. However, following feedback from residents and Warrington’s Own Buses operational assessment is no longer possible due to concerns about the ability of buses to safely negotiate parked vehicles.

However, Gainsborough Road will continue with a regular bus service throughout this period as Warrington’s Own Buses circular service no 12 will be unaffected and operate on its normal route. The no 12 serves the same route as the no 11 but in the opposite direction. Therefore, the no 12 service can provide access to the town centre but will add an additional 10 minutes to your journey, as you'll need to travel in via Latchford.

The return journey from the town centre on the number 12 service will operate as normal and will be unaffected.

The X30 service (operated by ARRIVA between Warrington and Chester) will operate as normal along Chester Road. Please note that the bus stop on Chester Road outside the Texaco petrol station, will come back into service on Monday 9 March.

We'd like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to bus users by this temporary service diversion.

The project

The project proposes a bridge crossing across the River Mersey from Chester Road, just north of Gainsborough Road. This proposed crossing would join onto an extended Slutchers Lane leading from Wilson Patten Street. A new signal controlled junction is to be constructed at each end of the new link on Chester Road and Wilson Patten Street.


The cost for the project is currently £19.89 million. Contributors include:

  • Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise partnership - £5.3 million via the Local Growth Fund. View the business case submitted to the Local Enterprise Partnership and associated documents.
  • Ministry of Housing Community and Local Government - £3.7 million via the Housing Infrastructure Fund. 
  • The remainder will be funded via council borrowing
Gainsborough Road traffic calming consultation

A public consultation has been undertaken regarding the timing of the proposed traffic calming measures along Gainsborough Road. A consultation report will be available on this page in the coming weeks.

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