Civil Partnership Conversion

SInce Wednesday 10 December 2014, couples in a civil partnership have been able to convert their civil partnership into a marriage.

Civil partners will be able to choose to convert in one of two ways. They may choose a 'standard conversion' or a 'two-stage conversion' including a non-statutory ceremony to celebrate the event.

Standard Conversion

The standard conversion is a simple administrative procedure which is completed by both partners in attendance at a Register Office. The couple will complete a conversion declaration document and sign to say they wish for their civil partnership to be converted into a marriage.

If couples wish, they may also say the declaration wording to one another, but this is optional. Then the marriage will be registered and a certificate issued.

Couples will need to present the following documents:

  • Evidence of their current name and date of birth, preferably passports
  • Evidence of their current address which must be dated within the last three months (e.g. a utility bill or council tax statement)
  • Their original civil partnership certificate

£11.00 for each copy of the marriage certificate (cash or card)

Two-stage Conversion

This is where couples attend a Register Office to complete the conversion declaration and show their identification documents (as listed in the standard procedure). Then they will have a celebratory ceremony, including the signing of the declaration at a later date (within the following 12 months).

The ceremony may take place in any of the following venues:

  • In a Register Office
  • In an approved venue that is licensed for marriage
  • In a religious building that is registered for the marriage of same sex couples
  • Or in a building where a ceremony according to the Jewish faith or the Society of Friends is to immediately follow the conversion.

Following the ceremony the marriage will be registered and a certificate will be issued.


Standard Conversion:

£45.00 per couple (or free to couples who formed their civil partnership before 29 March 2014 provided they make their conversion before 9 December 2015) plus:

Copy of marriage certificate - £11.00


Two-stage Conversion:

£27.00 per couple for the declaration appointment plus:

£40.00 non-refundable reservation fee for securing the date, time and venue of the ceremony

Ceremony in the Ceremony Room at Warrington Register Office - £160.00

Ceremony at another approved premise - £395.00 (Mon - Thurs), £430.00 (Fri & Sat) and £480.00 (Sundays).*

Copy of marriage certificate - £11.00