There are loads of cycle routes in Warrington, and we’re adding new ones all the time. We’re also making our roads safer and easier to ride on. Because our town is quite flat and compact, most places are close and easy to get to by bike, and many of our cycle routes have signs to keep you on the right track.  

Why you should give cycling a go

  • It’s good for your heart!  You could enjoy better fitness levels, a stronger heart and lungs, and you could live longer
  • It helps you control your weight. Exercise produces fat burning enzymes, which then burn calories even when you’re resting 
  • It helps the environment. Do your bit and get on your bike, especially for those short journeys when you don't really need to take the car
  • It saves you money. Cut down your spending on parking and petrol 
  • It’s fun!  Remember all those hours playing on your bike when you were a child?

Cycling safety tips

Cycling safety tips
  • Always use lights at night 
  • Wear reflective or bright clothes at night
  • It is advisable to wear a helmet 
  • Look after your bike so it stays in good working order
  • Don’t ride on the footpath (unless it’s a shared access route)
  • Be considerate and give priority to walkers along canal routes, etc 
  • Don’t ride through red lights
  • Take care passing alongside slow moving traffic
  • Watch out for left turning vehicles, you could be in their blind spot 
  • Take a cycle training course to improve your skills
Keep your bike safe and secure
  • Sign up to BikeRegister and get your bike security-marked 
  • In public, lock your bike at dedicated cycle parking sites
  • Use a strong ‘D’ lock and attach the frame of your bike close to the stand
  • Remove any parts which could be stolen, like your lights
  • Lock up your bike at home too. Don’t leave it in communal hallways, gardens or sheds
  • Know your bike’s make, colour and frame number, and keep  a picture of it 
  • Add your bike to your home insurance policy
  • If it’s stolen, report it to the police by calling 101

Download our Warrington cycle map

Cycle training

We offer free Bikeability level 2 cycle training to 10 year olds in Warrington through their primary schools. The more advanced level 3 is also available to teenagers.  Ask if this is available at your secondary school.

You can also get free training if you’re over 16 and live, work or study in Warrington. There are Bikeright Freewheeling cycling courses for everyone from beginners to experienced riders. The friendly instructors are fully accredited, and courses are available during daytime, evenings and weekends.

Buying a bike

If you want to buy second-hand, don’t buy a stolen bike!  Always make sure you see proof of ownership and check the bike frame number at BikeRegister.

If you often ride your bike to work, ask your employer if they can offer a cycling scheme such as Cycle2Work.  Supported by the government, it means you can buy a new bike, tax-free, by paying a little bit each month straight out of your salary. 

Transport plans

Our Local Transport Plan sets out how we’ll improve transport in Warrington and tackle things like traffic congestion and poor air quality. And it’s really important that we encourage and make it easier to cycle and walk in Warrington, so there is also a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP).