You may be able to get a reduction on your council tax if you or a member of your household is substantially and permanently disabled.

You must live in a larger property than you would need if the person didn’t have a disability. Your home must have at least one of these:

  • a room - other than a bathroom, kitchen or toilet - which is mainly used by the disabled person and is required especially for meeting their needs (e.g. for providing therapy)
  • an extra bathroom or kitchen, which is required to meet the needs of the disabled person
  • extra space inside the property to allow the disabled person to move around from room to room in a wheelchair

The discount is a one-band reduction. For example, if you live in a Band B property, you will pay a Band A charge. If you already live in a Band A property, your council tax will be reduced by one ninth of the Band D charge.

Using your information

We may use the information you tell us to make sure that you’re claiming all of the benefits you’re entitled to. We may also share information with other teams, for example as evidence to support a benefit claim.

Applying for council tax disabled persons relief

Please complete and return the form to:

Benefits & Exchequer Services, New Town House, Buttermarket Street, Warrington WA1 2NH.

If you have any difficulties in completing this form, or require any additional information, phone lines are open from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday and charged at local rate. You can also visit Contact Warrington from: 8.45am to 5pm Monday to Friday