We offer a green bin collection service for grass, flowers, plants, leaves, clippings, cuttings, weeds and other garden waste.

It’s an annual subscription. This year collections are between 3 March 2020 and 4 December 2020 (we call this the ‘subscription year’).  We’ll empty your bin every two weeks. If you don’t subscribe, your green bin won’t be emptied by our crews.

Garden waste subscription prices

A subscription for 2020 costs £35 if you sign up online, or £40 if you sign up over the phone or in the one stop shop. The price is the same even if you sign up part-way through the subscription year.

How to subscribe

You’ll need to tell us:

  • your name, home address and email address
  • how many green bins you want us to empty

If you don’t already have a green bin, or you want any extra green bins (you can have as many as you like as long as you have subscriptions for each), you can order these at the same time. New green bins cost £25 each which covers admin and delivery, plus the 2020 subscription costs per bin. You’ll need to pay up front with a debit or credit card when you apply online.

Before you sign up

Please read the terms and conditions for garden waste collections

Green bin stickers

When you subscribe, we’ll send you a sticker in the post. The sticker can take up to 14 days to arrive. Please attach the sticker under the handles at the back of the bin.

If you move house

If you move house part way through the subscription year, you can transfer the subscription

  • to your new home if it’s in Warrington
  • you can do this online once you have been subscribed for seven days.

Do not take your green bin(s) to your new property when you move.

If you move out of Warrington, you can’t transfer your subscription. We can’t refund you if you move house and no longer want a green bin collection, or if your new house has fewer green bins than your old house.

If you need a new or replacement bin

Cancel your subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time, but we won’t refund unless you cancel within 7 days of the date you subscribed. After this 7 day period, refunds will not be given.

If you don’t want to subscribe

No problem. You can take your garden waste to one of our community recycling centres or you could try composting.

Please don’t put garden waste in your black bin

This waste needs to be put in your green bin so it can be recycled or composted. We won’t empty black bins with garden waste in them.

Why we charge for green bin collections

Local councils don’t have to offer a kerbside collection service for garden waste. A few years ago we had more money coming from the government into our revenue budget, and we could pay for garden waste collections. Now, there isn’t enough money.

So instead of shutting down the service completely we still offer it to those who want it, for a small fee.