We’re concerned to hear that across the country, as we have gone into lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus, the huge national effort to save lives and prevent the spread of the virus has put certain groups of children and adults at risk.

People who live with domestic violence may find it more difficult to find support and escape their current situations due to the coronavirus restrictions placed on us all. Home isn’t always a safe place for everyone and, whilst we in Warrington haven’t seen a significant increase in domestic violence referrals, the glob trend is showing more people are suffering at the hands of their abusers.

We can’t be complacent, especially at a time when abuse is even more hidden, and it’s important that we all help people at risk of abuse within their own homes. We need to be more vigilant, perhaps now more than ever, of people at risk of emotional harm, physical harm or neglect. If you know someone at risk, or if you are at risk yourself, you do not need to stay where you aren’t safe.

As part of the council’s coronavirus response, we have established a dedicated support page for people who might be at risk of domestic abuse: warrington.gov.uk/coronavirus-safety-advice-survivors.

This dedicated page has information and links to organisations who can provide you with support so that people at risk of harm do not suffer alone and in silence. It’s essential that the council, our partners like the police, and residents all work together to make sure our vulnerable people are protected and safe from harm. As always, if you are at immediate risk, please call 999. The police are still actively dealing with cases of domestic abuse.

Elsewhere, you may have seen over the weekend an increase in police presence. This is to stop people from congregating and to check that people are only leaving their homes for essential reasons in line with the national guidance. The police and other front-line heroes, including health and social care staff, continue to have our upmost admiration for the valuable support they are providing the public.


Cllr Russ Bowden, Leader of the Council

Prof Steven Broomhead, Chief executive