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February 2020
Annual Monitoring Report

We've published the 2019 Annual Monitoring Report which relates to the implementation of planning policies and the timetable set out in our Local Development Scheme.

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

We've just release our ninth SHLAA prepared for Warrington.  It updates the previous 2018 SHLAA and comprehensively reviewed all conclusions previously reached for sites already within the SHLAA process and assessed new sites.  All new sites that were submitted to us by 31 March 2019 have now been considered in this update and conclusions updated on existing sites where new information has come to light.

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January 2020

Housing Delivery Test Action Plan

In accordance with the requirements of the Government’s Housing Delivery Test, we've published a Housing Delivery Test Action Plan. This sets out a series of actions to ensure that Warrington is able to meet its housing requirement in future years.

November 2019

Work continues on Local Plan

We're continuing to work on the Local Plan, which sets out our approach to meeting the borough’s future need for homes, jobs and supporting infrastructure.