Unfortunately we're not currently able to provide a pre-application advice service for householder extensions.

If you'd like guidance on house extensions, we advise you to look at the detailed guidance within our House Extension Guidelines SPG 2 document. We'd also recommend reading the Standards for Parking in New Development SPD document for guidance where there's any change to the size of your house (bedrooms), or where the existing parking provision will be affected by your proposal.


Applications are assessed against the policies set out within our Planning Policy pages and adopted local plan.

If you're making a pre-application enquiry because you're unsure if your proposal requires planning permission then please look at the guidance on the planning portal's interactive house below! Alternatively you can submit an application for certificate of lawful development.

Further information relating to permitted development is available online from the GOV.UK planning website. 

We're unable to provide a service to meet and discuss alternative proposals where your pre-application enquiry relates to an application that's been refused.

We'd advise you to look at the officer report which will explain the reasons for our refusal.

We'd also recommend that you refer to the guidance set out in our House Extension Guidelines SPG 2 pdf.