To run a business that keeps horses for riding lessons or hire, you’ll need to be licensed by us.

Please note that horses include ponies, mules and similar animals.

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    Who can apply?

    • You must be over 18
    • You mustn’t be banned from keeping animals, a riding establishment, a boarding establishment or a pet shop
    • You must keep a register of horses aged three years and under on the premises with the register must be available for inspection.
    Fees and charges

    On application:

    • £82.02

    On successful application:

    • £191.38


    • £273.40
    After we receive your application

    We will visit your premises and you’ll need to prove that:

    • you keep the horses in good condition
    • the horses are fed and provided with bedding
    • the horses are exercised regularly
    • you have plans in place to reduce the spread of diseases
    • you have safety plans in case of fire and emergency

    If we’re satisfied after inspection, you will get your licence within 14 days.


    You can appeal if:

    • you're refused a licence
    • you're a licence holder and are unhappy with a condition attached to your licence
    • you're unhappy with the decision of a licence review and the withdrawing of a certificate

    If you're planning to appeal, please contact us in the first instance. Appeals to the local magistrates' court can then be made within 21 days of our decision.


    If a member of the public has a complaint about your licence, we always advise for that person to contact you directly, preferably in the form a letter with proof of delivery.

    If that has not worked, we advise the person to contact the Citizens Advice Guide, or the UK European Consumer Centre if they’re outside the UK.