New Town House reception is closed because of the coronavirus pandemic and so any renewal vehicle applications will now only be accepted electronically.

Vehicle licence plates

If your vehicle licence is due to expire, don't discard your old plates. You will need to keep these on the vehicle as we're unable to provide new plates during this current crisis. 

New/Replacement vehicles

Under current government restrictions on social interaction, we're currently unable to process new or replacement vehicles. If you have a problem with your current licensed vehicle please email us at

If you can avoid replacing your vehicle during this time, we'd appreciate it. However, we understand that in some cases there's no alternative. If there's no alternative to replacing your vehicle, please be aware that as the COVID-19 situation evolves, so may our processes. Before pressing ahead with a vehicle replacement, contact our team by calling 01925 442517.

Licence extensions

Licences cannot be extended. If you wish to continue using the vehicle, you must pay the required fee together with the appropriate documentation before the expiry of the licence. You must also ensure that your vehicle is booked in with Warrington's Own Buses for its six-month test when it's due.

If you're considering cancelling your insurance due to the ongoing effects of coronavirus, you must inform us and we'll suspend your licence.

These are unique and challenging times for everyone, and we thank you in advance for your co-operation.